The Hermit, the Buddha, and the Nuclear Attack.

If you ever feel sorry for yourself, go sit with a Buddha that survived a nuclear attack. Today, I was angry. I took a walk at lunch to clear my … Continue Reading →

More sacred silliness. You’re welcome!

Not that anyone has complained, but as of late, I’ve focused less on sacred Magick and Tarot in this blog and more on sacred silliness. You probably don’t need to … Continue Reading →

Things I like and Things I for which I need YOUR help.

I’m working with a group coordinating a Pagan group to march in the Interfaith Contingent of the People’s Climate March here in NYC on Sept. 21. First of all, you … Continue Reading →

Freaked my sh*t out.


Permission to Heal?

In Witchcraft, a common philosophy is that no spell work should ever be done without the permission of the person on which it is being done. In general, I agree … Continue Reading →

Tarot and Art

Do you like Tarot? I believe YES, if you read this blog. I don’t believe there are ever enough Tarot decks in the world, so when I heard of the … Continue Reading →

This sums it up. (Thank you, Tarot Lady!)

What will guarantee you an angry Tarot reader and probably a shit Tarot experience? Read and discover. Theresa Reed nails it!

Paying Priest/esses and Finding the Masculine in the Goddess Spiral

I wrote another blog on Witches and Pagans. This one is all about whether it makes sense to pay people like me to do what I do. To be honest, … Continue Reading →

The People Who Come to See Me (Medieval Logic Edition)

I guess this is turning into a series. Awhile back I published a post with the stats of how people find me via search engines. Nearly all are reasonable (looking … Continue Reading →

Should you ever fear failure….

When my Coveners or clients talk about fear of failure as what’s holding them back from realizing their true personal or Magickal potential, I normally feed them the diatribe, “Put … Continue Reading →


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