Instructions for being “Ultra-Spiritual”

 “Rebel against dogmatic religious terminology by dogmatically using spiritual terminology.” (You might actually want to keep your eyes tightly closed on this one.) Post by Mamavation.

Courtney Weber Bikini Contest

In this week’s edition of “The People Who Come to See Me,“: BIKINI CONTEST! I wonder what a “Courtney Weber” bikini contest in Kansas City, MO is all about (and … Continue Reading →

Back again! What’s been going on…..

Yeah, I really fell off the Good Blogger wagon this week month. Lots of things are going on! Here are a few! Final edits to my book DONE! She’s off … Continue Reading →

A letter to my community

I posted this on my community’s FB page–it will be up on our website, soon. A murder took place in our city, just a few blocks away from where several … Continue Reading →

“Hail the Horned One Who Takes No Sh*t.”

This little gem (and the above quote) comes to us courtesy of my Covener Ríghan Porter. Post by Grupo DeFato.


Super excited!!!! I can finally announce that I will be part of a panel at the 2015 Pantheacon called Turning The Wheel: Nurturing Young Leaders & Embracing Change, which will be moderated … Continue Reading →

For your listening pleasure….

At our Samhain celebration this past weekend, my Coven and our guests celebrated the life of Margot Adler  who was not only influential to the Witchcraft world, she was also a … Continue Reading →

The Magician: What are they up to? (Plus other things *I’ve* been up to!)

I’ve been all wrapped up in Samhain business the last few weeks! I performed my first legal New York State wedding on October 31. My partner and I shared a … Continue Reading →

“Murder Your Darlings”

“Whenever you feel an impulse to perpetrate a piece of exceptionally fine writing, obey it—whole-heartedly—and delete it before sending your manuscript to press. Murder your darlings.” ~ Sir Author Quiller-Couch: … Continue Reading →

We may leave this world, but our spells stay.

Witch Bottle found at construction site in the UK.   (What’s cute is the use of past-tense.)


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