New blog and a cool meme

    Here is my latest blog on Witches and Pagans: The Space as the Tool for Healing and Change–Don’t Skip It.

A Star, a Star….

Said the night wind to the little lamb Do you see what I see? Way up in the sky little lamb Do you see what I see? A star, a … Continue Reading →

The Tower: Falling thoughts, crumbling flags, plus the People Who Come to See me and a new interview!

Just like the Tower, sometimes we just have to let the thoughts crumble. Some mornings, I get up to write and I can’t think of a damn thing to say. … Continue Reading →

Georgia (still) on my mind….plus the Google Search Question of the Week

My trip to Georgia came and went all too fast! First of all, I was lucky enough to go to Atlanta to take part in the MountainTop conference, which I … Continue Reading →

On Sacred Ground with Khi Armand

One of the best parts of having a book out is that I get to talk to so many of my favorite people for extended periods of time. One of … Continue Reading →

Urban Art Witches, plus a new post!

Yesterday, I quoted my friend Reverend Jen Miller, as her approach to dealing with critics is the most authentic and workable I’ve ever experienced. She’s the friend you can call … Continue Reading →

What I Didn’t Know About Writing a Second Book

I’m thrilled with the attention my post “What I Wish I’d Known Before Writing a Book“ has received so far. I guess I wasn’t the only one who could have … Continue Reading →

Interview on Whitley Strieber’s “Dreamland”

Hey all! I had the fantastic fortune to speak about my journey to knowing and writing Brigid on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland Whitley’s fascinating show runs the gamut of the spiritual … Continue Reading →

It’s Festival Season!!! So, if you see me running…..

Once Beltaine rolls around, it’s time to let the bonfires burn all summer long!!! That’s right, Witchy friends! It’s time to hit the festival circuit and see all of those … Continue Reading →

How do you say “Brigid?” Plus, Tarot Goes Pink!

One of the big questions I’ve been getting about Brigid is why I pronounce her name “Bridge-Id”. Many have asked if it should be pronounced, “Brid,” “Breed,” “Brig-eed” or another variation. … Continue Reading →


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