This sums it up. (Thank you, Tarot Lady!)

What will guarantee you an angry Tarot reader and probably a shit Tarot experience? Read and discover. Theresa Reed nails it!

Paying Priest/esses and Finding the Masculine in the Goddess Spiral

I wrote another blog on Witches and Pagans. This one is all about whether it makes sense to pay people like me to do what I do. To be honest, … Continue Reading →

The People Who Come to See Me (Medieval Logic Edition)

I guess this is turning into a series. Awhile back I published a post with the stats of how people find me via search engines. Nearly all are reasonable (looking … Continue Reading →

Should you ever fear failure….

When my Coveners or clients talk about fear of failure as what’s holding them back from realizing their true personal or Magickal potential, I normally feed them the diatribe, “Put … Continue Reading →

Whale (and Dragon) as your Spirit Animal–Plus another excerpt from my book!

Last week, I saw a humpback whale for the first time!  I went whale watching with my partner and his family on a tour billed as “Dolphins guaranteed…whales, maybe?” I … Continue Reading →

Sad Muse and the Resting Clown

Another sad post. So much loss, so many brilliant minds leaving this place. It’s like that horrible HBO show where people just disappear randomly but the catch is that it happened … Continue Reading →


Death is not new to me. Since I was 17, I’ve lost someone semi-annually, sometimes more often. Loss isn’t something we get good at navigating. Grief is weird. I lost … Continue Reading →

Modern Witch!

This week was rough. There were beautiful moments, such as teaching at the MoMA Teens program, but it was a week of true loss that would be best described in … Continue Reading →

THIS is the only good reason for a drone.

THIS is the only good reason for a drone. LOVE A GOOD SPIRAL DANCE! Post by Zeno Alistair Le Hericy. Plus, Meme of the Day:

Sacred Pool Noodles

I can’t attend my Coven’s Lughnasadh celebration this year. Here is what I said on the RSVP: I’m not attending this, as I’ll be at a faith-leaders’ conference in Albany! … Continue Reading →


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