Building Bridges and Feeding Dreams

Dreams are important to me. At the moment, I’m not talking about the dream I have of becoming a wealthy author with a quartz bathtub. I mean the dreams I … Continue Reading →

More Predictions for Game of Thrones Episode 6:6 (Thanks, Tarot!)

Probable Spoilers Ahead, Kittenz.  I almost got fired from several social media feeds for posting OMG!!!s all over the place last Sunday night. Not everyone was glued to their televisions … Continue Reading →

Tarot Predicts Happenings on Game of Thrones 6:5

This post may contain spoilers about Game of Thrones. We’ll find out how spoiler-y the Tarot is after Sunday. But just warning you.  I’m a little Game of Thrones obsessed. … Continue Reading →

7 Tips for Reading Tarot at Public Events

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see that I lost my friggin’ mind on Friday night (in a very good way). I read Tarot at Night of 1,000 Stevies, … Continue Reading →

Tarot: Where Reversals Help

I’ve written recently about how helpful reversals can be, but I know as well as anyone that they can be an enormous pain in the ass. This week, I had … Continue Reading →

Tarot: Note the arrangement

Getting more than one “type” of card is something to pay attention to in your Tarot readings. Particularly if these cards come out next to each other, take special note. … Continue Reading →

For the Love of “The Craft.”

You know what? I love The Craft. via GIPHY Is it a particularly well-written, well-acted, dynamic movie? No. (***Except for Fairuza Balk who KILLED IT. Seriously.) Does it have an original … Continue Reading →

Blessings and Clearings at Readers Studio..

This is, without a doubt, the most low-key Reader’s Studio I’ve had since I started attending six years ago! It’s not because the content isn’t engaging for me, but it’s … Continue Reading →

“Face Everything and Rise”

I just got back from lunch. V of RedLight Readings read aloud something a friend sent her on Facebook. I hope I’m quoting it correctly: “FEAR can stand for Forget … Continue Reading →

Here it is again!!!!

Tarot cards….check. Promotional stuff for Tarot for One….check. List o’ things I must buy at this thing…check. COMPLETE AND TOTAL EXCITEMENT ABOUT ALL THE CRAZY-ASS FRIENDS I’LL SEE AND STUFF I’LL … Continue Reading →