A Pagan Prayer for Beirut, Paris, and Syria

The Huffington Post included a prayer I wrote in response to the attacks in Beirut, Paris, and Syria over the last few days. “Blessed Mother, Hear the cries in Beirut and … Continue Reading →

Here’s why you’re not my Elder. I hope you understand.

Yesterday, I posted the following quote on my author FB feed: I wrote it because I was angry and tired. Not a year goes by, it seems, when an Elder … Continue Reading →

The Devil Returns

I was stumped on something to write about and when I’m stumped, I write about Tarot. Of course, I pulled The Devil because it’s only the most complicated to describe. Maybe it … Continue Reading →

All Black Cats Are Not Alike

I love this article about black cats of NYC. I’ve had two over the years and a black-tortie, too! All Black Cats Are Not Alike Be sure to watch the video at … Continue Reading →

What to do at Samhain (or What does a Witch Really Do at Halloween?)

Happy (almost) New Year! Because Samhain (Halloween) is the Witches’ New Year! First of all, I just got married! Last week I tied the knot with my true love which goes … Continue Reading →

Before you release your flying monkeys……

  The Pagan world is rightfully slamming its collective head into a metaphorical desk these days since Augustus Sol Invictus reared his screwed up head on the national scene.  While … Continue Reading →

When Loved Ones Don’t Get It (aka what to do when someone wants to “pray for your soul”)

Author’s note: This was not an easy blog to write. One of the many reasons I am so very thankful for the Pagan Pride Project is the chance to be with … Continue Reading →

Heart in Oregon, Today

In the midst of the terrible news coming out of Oregon, I am sending out love to my homestate today.

How to find a Coven, Grove, Temple, or other Pagan Group

It’s Pagan Pride Season! Over the last few years, September has heralded a great reunion for me and mine. Every year, my Coven lugs our pamphlets and paraphernalia to downtown Manhattan … Continue Reading →

Mabon Ritual with Brigid

Hey all! As Mabon closes in on us, it’s time to start planning our Autumn rituals! Recently, someone asked me about a simple Mabon ritual utilizing the Goddess Brigid. (Thank … Continue Reading →


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