“The Christians and The Pagans”: A Nice Reminder in Divisive Times

One of my favorite musicians is Dar Williams. I finally got to see her live just this past Friday night at City Winery here in NYC. I started listening to Dar around the … Continue Reading →

The Sun: The Joy and the Burn

To me, receiving the Sun card is always a breath of relief. It means things are going to be okay. It’s a card of hopeful optimism, and childlike exuberance. Twice, … Continue Reading →

Balance in a Wine Box? (Happy Mabon!)

Blessed Mabon to all of you Kittenz in the Northern Hemisphere! Happy Spring to all of you down South! If you’ve stumbled onto this page and don’t know what I’m … Continue Reading →

The Judgement Card aka “What am I SUPPOSED to be doing?”

My most nerdy grammar friends argue about whether it’s spelled Judgment or JudgEment. Actually, they’re both true. Spell-check prefers Judgment, but the Tarot artists of the early 20th century seemed to … Continue Reading →


via GIPHY My autumn escalated quickly! I’m teaching in DC, MD, MI, MN, NJ, NYC, and online!!! If you’re anywhere in the NE area, please come and see me! We … Continue Reading →

Water Whisperers, Philly Pagan Pride, and Sillies

Now that the first draft of the novel is complete and I’m waiting on the imminent arrival of Tarot for One, I guess it’s time to get back to blogging! If I … Continue Reading →

This is the most important message I’ve heard in awhile.

It’s necessary. Oh, and p.s.: guess who finished the first draft of her novel this morning????? I’ll give you three guesses. 92,000 words. Don’t worry–it will be quite some time before … Continue Reading →

I can fly!

A glimpse of my next few months…. via GIPHY I’ve just added Crystal Fox in Laurel, MD and the Boston Tea Room in Detroit, MI to my workshop line-up!  Stay tuned … Continue Reading →

Knight of Pentacles–Reversed: Sometimes, it’s time to stop.

When your book gets published, you give the editors your completed manuscript and wait-wait-wait for them to return it with their edits. When they do, you get to make all … Continue Reading →

Have you seen it, yet???

Hey!!!! Look!!!!! It’s Winona Ryder playing me in the new Netflix horror series: 3rd Round Of Edits On Courtney’s New Book. via GIPHY If writing is where you dig deep into the … Continue Reading →