Death is not new to me. Since I was 17, I’ve lost someone semi-annually, sometimes more often. Loss isn’t something we get good at navigating. Grief is weird. I lost … Continue Reading →

Modern Witch!

This week was rough. There were beautiful moments, such as teaching at the MoMA Teens program, but it was a week of true loss that would be best described in … Continue Reading →

THIS is the only good reason for a drone.

THIS is the only good reason for a drone. LOVE A GOOD SPIRAL DANCE! Post by Zeno Alistair Le Hericy. Plus, Meme of the Day:

Sacred Pool Noodles

I can’t attend my Coven’s Lughnasadh celebration this year. Here is what I said on the RSVP: I’m not attending this, as I’ll be at a faith-leaders’ conference in Albany! … Continue Reading →

Exciting news and a few of my favorite Witchy things

I have exciting news! But you have to look at all of these things before I share it. They’re all equally as exciting, so it’s worth your wait. “Could you … Continue Reading →

She who gives and takes away…is the Goddess Pro-Choice?

Today, I received an email from a young woman just beginning to explore Witchcraft. She lives in a conservative area, surrounded by religious people who believe abortion is wrong. She … Continue Reading →

This is what I say when people say my religion is “Weird.”

I stole this from my friend Megan’s FB page.

You know you’re in the right job when…..

Your coworker brings you a magnet of your Spirit Animal.

The Best of the Witchy Web–Today!

The Internet is bursting with fab Witchy things today. I’m listing my top three favorites–so far! OKAY! NEW FAVORITE SHIRT….GO! This is an original by Queenmother Imakhu and it’s available … Continue Reading →

Now, now, Mr. Robertson…think of the child! SEND HIM TO A DOCTOR, JACKASS.

Below please find a note from a concerned mother to Pat Robertson sent on July 14, 2014 and read live on the air via the 700 Club: “My son heard … Continue Reading →


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