The Four Horsepersons of the Tarot Part 2: The Knight of Wands

Part 1: The Knight of Swords The next card in the 4-part series on the four Horsepersons of the Tarot is the Knight of Wands. I personally like the Knight … Continue Reading →

Something fun, something serious, and something exciting….

Does it already seem like 2016 is a mix of extremes? So many wonderful things are happening to friends and colleagues yet a lot of truly tough things (to put … Continue Reading →

Giving away a copy of Brigid!

Blessed Imbolc, Kittenz! In honor of Brigid’s holiday, I’m going wild and giving away a free copy of Brigid: History, Mystery and Magick of the Celtic Goddess.  If you’d like to … Continue Reading →

Imbolc: A way to honor Brigid’s day….

Bride put her finger in the river on the Feast Day of Bride, and away went the hatching mother of the cold. And she bathed her palms in the river … Continue Reading →


I don’t have a specific release date, yet, but when I do, I promise you’ll be the first to know.

The Four Horsepersons of the Tarot Part 1: The Knight of Swords

I love the Knights. They are some of the most clear-cut cards in the Tarot. If you consult the Tarot with the question: “Is (THIS THING) going to happen to me?” … Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the ocean….

Happy Secular New Year, everyone! I am freshly back from my annual Florida trip. It’s work-related, but also always a joy. I support the Coaching Training Program at Auburn Theological … Continue Reading →

More Scary Cards….(Spoiler alert! They’re not always bad!)

One of my most popular posts is one I wrote on Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago: When the Scary Cards Mean Good Things.  I decided to revisit the topic … Continue Reading →

Other Brigid Books–betcha can’t read just one (hee hee hee…)

To begin, I’d like to express my condolences, support and love to the people of San Bernardino, CA and really all people in California or who were impacted by this latest shooting … Continue Reading →

“Paper Chase”: A great woman doing great things…

I’m so excited! Lauren Domino, featured below, was one of my beloved Tarot clients until she moved back to New Orleans to do some great things. She is kicking some … Continue Reading →