How I Spent My Winter Vacation

Since Yule, I’ve been taking the most delicious Dark Time. I wrote more about it at my blog on Witches and Pagans. The Dark Time is meant to restore. I … Continue Reading →

The People Who Come to See Me: WTF???

This might be my favorite: Someone (at a public school in North Carolina) typed in the acronym for “What The F*ck” and they found me. Perfect.  

The Horned God Pays a Visit

The Horned God is all, “Dude! I like what you’ve done with the place.” Post by Eglise Saint-Eustache.

Public Service Announcement

The more you know.  

5 of Pentacles: Keep going? Go home? Get out?

5 of Pentacles…perhaps one of the more nebulous cards in the Tarot. It’s kind of depressing, the RWS version. A haggard woman and her injured son/husband/brother toddles along behind her. … Continue Reading →

A good book, a good album, a good cause

A Good Book Dark Time is fantastic for getting caught up on reading. I picked up this little treasure randomly at Morningside Books. I’d heard recently that reading fiction makes … Continue Reading →

Activate Darkness

I have a new blog up at Witches and Enjoy!

Tarot of 2014…and 2015!

Every year at Christmas, I have a powerful dream. Some years, the dream is prophetic. Other years, it’s just plain weird.  This year’s dream fits somewhere on a whole other … Continue Reading →

Whatever you practice…..

  Whatever you practice….. Winter Solstice… Kwanzaa… Chanukah…. Christmas…. Have a blessed one!!!! Enjoy the comfort of quiet, deep winter and the return of the longer days. Blessed Be!

Instructions for being “Ultra-Spiritual”

 “Rebel against dogmatic religious terminology by dogmatically using spiritual terminology.” (You might actually want to keep your eyes tightly closed on this one.) Post by Mamavation.


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