“Murder Your Darlings”

“Whenever you feel an impulse to perpetrate a piece of exceptionally fine writing, obey it—whole-heartedly—and delete it before sending your manuscript to press. Murder your darlings.” ~ Sir Author Quiller-Couch: … Continue Reading →

We may leave this world, but our spells stay.

Witch Bottle found at construction site in the UK.   (What’s cute is the use of past-tense.)

The Second Best Thing I’ve Seen All Week

While it in no way parallels the first best thing this week…..this is a solid silver.

The best thing I’ve seen all week….

Sit with this for awhile. Post by Ophelia Pastrana.

The Best of Merc Ret!

Mercury in Retrograde is known to bring back things from the past–like people you’d desperately love to forget ever existed. But it can also bring back beautiful things, like this … Continue Reading →


My book is now available for pre-order!!! It’ll be out on May 1, but if you buy now, you save some money and I can start saving up to buy … Continue Reading →

Now, there are TWO good reasons to have a drone.

There used to be only one good reason to have a drone. Here is the other!   Post by Rick Pawlenty.

Strength in the Word and the Silence (Plus Cool Witchy Things!!!)

Some say the start of the Wiccan Circle begins in the East to celebrate the origins of Air. Long before we had our continents, our oceans, or even our sun, … Continue Reading →

Is your Child Being Lured Into Witchcraft?

Know these warning signs: (For the record, this is a facetious post in response to a defamatory post about Witchcraft. I know no Witches who advocate proselytizing, particularly to those … Continue Reading →

Delegation and Snark

My new post on WitchesandPagans might be my snarkiest one to date. Honestly, I think I only wrote it as a vehicle for my favorite meme:


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