Interview on Whitley Strieber’s “Dreamland”

Hey all! I had the fantastic fortune to speak about my journey to knowing and writing Brigid on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland Whitley’s fascinating show runs the gamut of the spiritual … Continue Reading →

It’s Festival Season!!! So, if you see me running…..

Once Beltaine rolls around, it’s time to let the bonfires burn all summer long!!! That’s right, Witchy friends! It’s time to hit the festival circuit and see all of those … Continue Reading →

How do you say “Brigid?” Plus, Tarot Goes Pink!

One of the big questions I’ve been getting about Brigid is why I pronounce her name “Bridge-Id”. Many have asked if it should be pronounced, “Brid,” “Breed,” “Brig-eed” or another variation. … Continue Reading →

Reader’s Studio, Beltaine Moments, New Review and New Article!

You haven’t heard much from me because I’ve been trotting around hanging out with my best friends in the Tarot and Witchy worlds! The end of April sparks off Festival … Continue Reading →

First review!!!

The first review of Brigid is in! An excerpt: Followers of Brigid will feel a sense of kinship with Weber. The guided meditations are interesting pieces, but the true power … Continue Reading →

The Devil

Pre-sale price on Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess is only good for a few more days!!!! If you want the book and want to save a … Continue Reading →

New Book, New Post, New Line-up!

No, I’ve not been the best blogger….getting the book ready to come out in a few weeks along with a bunch of other things! I just can’t believe it! New … Continue Reading →

The Hierophant: Adventures on the West Coast

Oh dear. Someone (me) has been slacking on the blogging front. I have some decent-enough reasons! The weeks since Imbolc have been full of travel, family, and beautiful adventures in … Continue Reading →

What I wish I’d known before writing a book

This weekend, a friend of mine announced that she is going to GO FOR IT and FINALLY WRITE HER DAMN BOOK. To that I say, She also asked if I … Continue Reading →

Bringing back the Sun

My card for today was the Sun. Looking out my window at the freezing rain and snow, that may seem like a joke. But I’ll take it and here’s why: … Continue Reading →


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