July Tarot Special! Three questions for $36!

Celebrate my 36th Birthday with a $36 special!

I turn 36 this month! Therefore, I’m offering a $36 special!

For the entire month of July, get 3 email Tarot readings for $36. That’s right! Starting August 1, they will be $25 per question or $40 for two questions…so grab the special while you can!

How to purchase:


How to ask questions:
When you are ready, email me all three questions at courtneyaweber@gmail.com with the subject line: 3 Question Email Reading. You must email all three questions at once! If you purchase multiple packages, you can redeem other sets of three questions at a later date, but questions will only be answered in threes.

You will receive your reading via email within 48 hours! If I get really slammed, you might have to wait 72 hours, but I will notify you if that’s the case.

Rules and stuff: 
~Buy as many as you’d like! You may give them as gifts or just hoard them for yourself.
~Packages are good until July 1, 2018, so save them and use them as you wish!
~Remember, all three questions must be posed at the same time. No asking one question and saving two for later. However, if you buy multiple packages, you may ask three upfront and save the others for later. But to redeem the package, all three must be asked at once.

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