Pantheacon Joys and More

I woke up today thoroughly wrecked and I only had one hot toddy at trivia last night. Pantheacon finally caught up with me and left me on the couch for most of the day.  I cannot sleep at PCon. Too much energy. Too much fun. I partied too late in the Weiser suite on Friday night. Saturday night, I tried really, really hard to be a good girl and went to bed early because my class was at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday…and I laid in bed staring at the ceiling like a five-year-old on Christmas Eve. Sunday night I drank wine and ate cake in like, half the the hospitality suites and lost my phone. (I found it, again.)

But suite-hopping wasn’t the only or best part of Pantheacon. I have a list of wonderful things. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Songs about demonic hats and pain-in-the-ass cats at Nathaniel Johnstone’s concert.
  • Bonding with new friends while waiting for broken elevators to not show up.
  • A powerful Ancestor rite led by Luna Pantera.
  • Leadership Support Circles: invaluable peer support from others in the trenches.
  • The moment when my husband offered to buy me a new dress.
  • The Hero and Hearth: A Rite and Renewal of Courage led by Coru Cathubodua and Strong Roots and Wide Branches.
  • Reading from Brigid aloud at the Weiserpalooza, celebrating their 60 years of making metaphysical books happen.
  • The prayer room at the Temple of the Morrighan Suite.
  • Helping support Selena Fox’s Brigid Healing Ritual.
  • Connecting with old friends and making new ones.

But the three greatest things were being there with my husband. We almost never get to go to festivals or cons together due to work schedules, and this was really a joy.

Also, one of my best friends whom I’ve known for about 7,000 years joined us! It’s good to know you still have that one friend with whom you can pee your pants laughing over some really dumb shit. It doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous, too. Thanks again, Ree, for TEACHING ME HOW TO BE PATIENT.


Lastly, I was honored and blown away by the wonderful support and response at my class on Sunday morning. I expected maybe three people to show up. A 9:00 a.m. class on Sunday morning at PCon? Come on. Who in the world was going to come to my class? But the room was packed–so much so that there were people sitting on the floor and standing in the back. If you came to my class, thank you! You were all so warm and supportive and even understanding when I got a tad weepy from nostalgia and joy. It was so heartwarming to hear from people, both in the class and outside of it, that Brigid has made a difference for them.

Again, writing is such a lonely process and when it’s just you and the mean old voices in your head, it can be hard to believe that anyone is looking at your work out there, let alone loving it. To everyone who offered their kind words, it truly meant the world to me.

Once I get rested, it’ll be back to more writing, more proposals, and more classes! I’ll be all over the country this spring, so please watch this space so we can hang out together.


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