Ice Goddesses, delinquent novels, and new projects….

A belated Happy New Year, y’all! I was talking with a writer friend online who mentioned he goes into book mode and doesn’t blog or communicate as much when he does so. I realized that I’m always in book mode. I don’t take breaks, so need to make a concerted effort to come out of my hole once in a while.

Here’s what I’ve been up to and what I plan to be up to:

1.) I was 98% done with the third draft of my novel when I realized it’s definitely going to need a fourth draft. I put it away for about ten days so I could focus on feeling sorry for myself, and now am in the process of looking for an editorial agent. It’s at a point where I’m going to need some pro help if I want to make this work. Have a reference? I’m all ears! Thanks!!! 

2.) Husband and I finally threw our official housewarming party. We moved into our house in May, but it took us a good seven months to get the house pretty enough to bring people inside.

3.) I got my hair cut above my shoulders for the first time since college. I realized I should have added a selfie to illustrate because I know PICS-OR-IT-DIDN’T-HAPPEN, but I forgot and I don’t have make-up on at the moment and I don’t feel like putting any on, so you’re going to have to wait.

4.) I started yet another metaphysical book and yes, I’m keeping mum on the content for now! You may remember (if you’re obsessed with me, which I doubt…) that I submitted a manuscript on a new Tarot book over the summer, but it was rejected. As it turns out, you can be a twice-published writer and still face rejection!!! Publisher said they were concerned about sales, so y’all get out there and buy more Tarot books, damnit!

5.) If you’re looking for a new journal for 2018, I have a tiny piece published in this one about Imbolc. I’ve included this in my daily reflection practices, produced in Ireland…so those of you who love Celtic spirituality, support the source!

6.) I’ve gotten re-obsessed with Olympic figure-skating. I grew up in pre-Portlandia/Voodoo Donuts Portland when there wasn’t much going on except for the Portland Trailblazers and that Oregon Trail video game. Tonya Harding was our darling and she broke the shit out of my 12 year old adoring heart. I realized this week, after seeing Tonya at the Golden Globes watching all those 24 years later specials that exploded on the tube this week that I miss being excited about figure skating. I’ve decided to put my heart back out there and love again. The new skating love of my life is Mirai Nagasu. She is fierce, powerful, artistic, and I love what she has to say about rebounding after disappointment. It doesn’t hurt that she lands the Triple Axel in competition and she’s planning on doing it in the Olympics!!!

I want to make lunch for her.

This is what I’m saying. Ice Goddess.

 7.) In the middle of getting ready to travel to Spokane for an Imbolc festival and Brigid talk, I’m re-committing myself to a blog post a week (even if it’s just to fawn over Mirai). I’m also starting a new blog at Patheos that will focus more on life as a Witch. Suggestions on title??? I’m all ears on that, too.

Anyway, I’ve missed you and I hope you’re well. What do you have planned for yourself for the New Year?


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