2 of Wands: Big plans or big spies?

Seemingly innocuous, but one of my favorite gossip cards….

Several years ago, I lost my job. It sucked but it happened before. It sucked more because I was a breadwinner at the time. My now-husband had just finished school and the NYC job market is hard on new grads. It was a stressful time. As I had since moving to NYC, I used Tarot to supplement my income while looking for a new job. I announced online that I was reading Tarot full-time. I spent my days blogging, promoting, and Tarot-ing while applying for work. Naturally, I also filed for unemployment.

But one morning, my card of the day was 2 of Wands: Someone is watching. 

I think that the 2 of Wands, with the little globe, is a nod to our looking at our phones–the WORLD WIDE WEB in our pocket.

Later that day, I routinely checked my Statcounter and noticed several hits from my former job. Someone at my company had been looking me up online since my lay-off. I also noticed a search on my name from a Verizon Ipad in a New Jersey town. My former boss owned a Verizon Ipad, and lived in that same town. I’m no CIA agent, but it did seem as though the 2 of Wands was right.

A few days later, I received a letter from the state of New York. My file for unemployment had been rejected because of “reports” that I “was working.” I’ll never have actual proof that someone looked up my doings on the internet, found my tender Tarot business, and used it as reason to deny me unemployment. As that dick Bill Maher is fond of saying:

Let’s set aside for a moment that laying off someone (whom they knew was supporting their partner) and then rooting through the web to find reasons to deny paying their unemployment is the meanest thing since Regina George. I mean, how much money did they think I was making??? We were living on email readings and prayers. Let’s see it as a Universal favor. My last job was awful and my current job is wonderful. Not getting unemployment made me push the job search even harder.

Let’s also celebrate that the Tarot was right. The 2 of Wands is that friend whose truth you don’t appreciate in the moment. Hey, I hate to tell you this, the sheepish 2 of Wands says. But people are hating on everything you post and are going to fuck you for it. But later, when you find out that friend was right, you want to buy them a beer. Tarot doesn’t drink beer, but it does appreciate acknowledgement.

So if you get the 2 of Wands, here’s what it might mean….

Your former boss is spying on you.

Your ex’s ex (who still blames you for all their problems) is trolling you.

Travel is nigh.

You may hear from an old friend who lives far away.

If you’re looking for love, have you tried a dating site?

If you’re thinking about moving, changing jobs, changing spouses, etc., do some research first.

Read more.

Listen to the other person’s point of view.

Stop focusing on what’s happening with other people and focus more on the beauty around you.

Deactivate your social media for a while.

Deactivate your social media, permanently.

Follow the news.

Stop following the news.

Quit spying on your ex (and your ex’s ex). And stop blaming them for all of your problems.

Stay focused as your dream’s realization is in sight.

Isn’t this cute??? It was an entry at a pumpkin decorating contest I stumbled across in Oakland, CA.

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