Thoughts from the weekend

I loved CWPPD again this year. The last time I was there, I was this alien from NYC. Or rather, I was someone who had been ABDUCTED by aliens and taken to NYC and then I came back. This time, I knew a few more people–both from the first time I’d taught at PPD and from the retreat at Trout Lake Abbey. I taught only one class and it poured rain. Tents blew around, but still the Pagans kept Priding. How can you tell an Oregon Witch? S/he/they don’t pull up their hood when the rain starts. I sold some books and decks and therefore had money to give to Black Flag Search and Rescue, who offered direct assistance in Houston after Harvey and are now in Florida helping with Irma clean-up.

Here are a few thoughts I came away with after the event:

*It really is good to be home. I miss my people in the East Coast and I’m still adjusting to my old world, but it really is good to look around and say, “Here it is. I’m home.”

*I need to find a way to create more time to be available to people at these events. I tend to run from one person to the next to my class to selling books, to the board meeting, etc. I recognize that clergy are usually not available to the general Pagan congregation except at these such events and people sometimes need to connect with someone. I don’t want people to say in remembrance of me, “She was always busy.” I want them to say, “I had a great conversation with her….” I’ll eventually figure out the balance.

*I was never so happy to see so much rain. We willed it to keep going east and drench the Gorge fires. The fires are still burning and will for weeks (as is the way with forest fires), but the rain will help…unless it causes a landslide. Welcome to the Wild, Wild, West Motherfuckers!!!

*Teaching makes me hungry. I devoured a donut as soon as I finished my class and swear I could have had ten more.

*People think my BFF and I are related. I mean, we’ve always suspected one of us fell off the other’s family tree. Or maybe a distant ancestor did way back in the day.

*Our newer cat Bear hates boxes. Well, he LOVES boxes (like all healthy cats do) when they’re sitting on the ground. He hissed at me when I carried my book-box inside at the end of the day.

*It’s still raining and I couldn’t be happier. KEEP GOING, RAIN! GREEN IT UP AROUND HERE! JUST DON’T CAUSE LANDSLIDES.

Other than that, it’s a pretty boring day! I love it! Boring days are the best days. I’m sitting in a haunted hotel, drinking cold decaf (Don’t judge. Regular gives me cramps that make me want to die), watching the rain fall out the window and writing, writing away. I finished the next chapter on my next secret manuscript. I wasn’t sure about this manuscript when I first started on it. It felt contrived. Now, it’s feeling confessional and in a good way. I feel like you, reader of this blog, are reading that manuscript with me and I’m getting a lot of crazy off my chest. Unfortunately, it’s not my actual memoir. Too many guilty parties are still too alive for me to write a tell-all, but there are a number of things in there that I have really enjoyed sharing.

That’s about it for now! Looks like I’m taking on some work for the 2018 PPD which means that I am 1.) A Drama-Queen Masochist or 2.) Finally coming out of burnout. I’m guessing both.

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