Sunday Resistance

It was a beautiful day in the PacNW! The lovely rain we had last week cleared more of the smoke out of the air. It was the perfect day for a protest. It wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too cold. Actually, it was a better day for a hike (not in the Gorge, because it’s still burning…maybe at the coast), but instead, I was in downtown Portland protesting the Patriot Prayer group.

This group supports white supremacist ideology and rhetoric and not on my watch will they have presence in my hometown. There were dozens of them–there were thousands of counter-protestors.

I march
Because lighting candles and praying isn’t enough.

I chant
To drown out hateful words.

I keep doing it
Because I love my country and want to make it into the kind of place I want it to be. I keep doing it because there are people I love who have suffered racism and prejudice all of their lives, but have seen it intensified since Trump and his ideologues came on the scene.

And I’ll keep doing it.

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