Another thing I wrote in the 4th Grade

I’m working on yet another book proposal (IT’S TOP SECRET AND I WON’T TELL!) which means I’ve not had as much mental energy to devote to this blog. Fortunately, I was quite a prolific 4th grader and one of the benefits of living close to my parents again is that they have an attic full of crap I wrote when I was ten. Actually, this poem is adorable–the best kind of crap. This is a poem about electricity.

With out electricity
The records won’t play
The lights wont stay,
the frige and freezer will say,
I’m not working today
Without electricity

Without electricity
we won’t have fun.
because Nintendo will say,

The game has not begun.
The sun will be are light,
and if it rains, foget it,
So without electricity,
we will regret it.


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