The Five of Cups: Time to Quit the Bitchin’

I know this list keeps growing, but this is another one of my un-favorite cards to get in a reading. At the same time, it was one of my favorite cards to shoot in Tarot of the Boroughs.  As my concept was “How does the Tarot Manifest in NYC?” the guy looking all sad and mournful at the riverside (with all the empty cups around him) became the guy parked at the bar (with the constantly drained cup near him).

Rider-Waite-Smith deck: Sad sad sad.


Tarot of the Boroughs. In the LWB, I wrote, “Country music required.”

I don’t like the auto-saddy-sads that come with the 5 of Cups. It shows regret, but more than that, it shows wallowing. Notice in the RWS version that some of the cups are laying there empty? There seem to be few remnants of what once remained. More than that, there are two other cups that seem full. Dear Cloaked Guy–stop focusing on the cups you spilled and go enjoy whatever is in the cups that are still standing up. That’s the main message of this stupid card.

But if you got this card in a reading and came to my page through a Google search to figure out what the hell it means….welcome, first of all. Second, here is what I have learned from my time reading the 5 of Cups in various readings:

5 of Cups In Love Readings

Someone’s hurt feelings are still lingering. Even if it feels way past time to move on (and it probably is time to move on), but either you or your partner is in a spiraly feedback loop of feels and there’s no way you’re going to make it past the next date or any base until these nasty hurt feelings are talked-talked-talked out. If you’re single, you’re probably focusing on the three good qualities your ex had and ignoring the 26,000 that all your friends remember as being thoroughly crappy. It’s time to stop crying over the three good qualities and focus on being so happy to be moving on.

5 of Cups in Work

Simply put, someone or something at your job is making completely miserable. Maybe you should quit. But if you can’t quit, this card is begging you to please…..for the love of god….focus on something positive. Anything. Okay, so the pay sucks, the boss sucks, the co-workers suck, even the coffee sucks…but they have M&Ms at reception!!! Focus on the M&Ms!!!  If you are unemployed and receive this, it’s a sign to get off the couch, take a shower, and hit a job fair.

5 of Cups in Health

Now this is one area that offers a *teensy* bit more compassion. When this card arrives it’s more of a concern about mental health than physical. While it might suggest getting a little fresh air and a little more movement, it’s trying to get you out of a funk that’s keeping you trapped. Ask for help as the tears may have hit a pattern.

This is one of few cards that is really better to get in Reverse. When a card is in reverse (upside down), it can mean the opposite of its upright position. The Reversed 5 of Cups means that sorrow is about to lift. It can also mean that things are not as bad as they seem.

Other interpretations for 5 of Cups:

Lack of self-confidence
“Burying head in sand.”

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