Readers Studio and Question re: the Celtic Cross Spread

I’m still recovering from Readers Studio 2017 and am in the middle of a ten day work-stretch so I’m far too brain-addled to give it a good response except to say that it was wonderful, as always!

Coloring exercise from Theresa Reed’s “The Tarot Coloring Book.”

Incubator on Tarot and Justice work with Carolyn Cushing.

Pretty book on display at the Reader’s Studio!

Ready for the RS17 Banquet! ūüėČ

This morning, I got an email with a question about the Celtic Cross Spread. 

I recently bought your book, Tarot for One, which is a good and practical book. My interest is this moment in the Celtic Cross spread. I noticed that your numbering of the spread is different of the spread numbering done for by example by Rachel Pollack or Eden Gray. So I get confused… For example your card number 6 (what’s crossing you) is number 2 for Pollack and number 2 for Gray. Why do you and others, as I have noticed, have another numbering? and does this have to do with dealing of the cards? Did you choose to place your sixth card on the second place? I don’t understand the differences/logic. Does the difference of the numbering/dealing change the right outcome of the card for the place the card has in this spread? Could You be so kind to answer me to resolve my confusion about this question?

The spread in question can be found, here. Forgive the blurry pic! I’m traveling at the moment and don’t have access to my original manuscript, so taking a pic out of the book:

I learned the spread before I started reading either Pollack or Gray. I don’t remember exactly where I learned it–probably a combination of various Little White Books (which come with Tarot cards) and learning from friends at slumber parties and Coven meetings.¬†Why do we have different spreads? I don’t know! Tarot reading is an art and practice, not a science, and so there will be different interpretations. But yes, the numbering does have to do with the dealing of the cards. I learned by laying the second card directly above the first card and the six card across the first card. I wouldn’t think it would affect the responses of the next card so long as you have the intention going into it.¬†My suggestion to the writer and to you all reading it is to try the spread a few different ways–Pollack’s, Gray’s, mine, and others, and see which works best for your readings. The key is to have the intention as you shuffle and before you deal. Such as while you shuffle, imagine saying¬†to the cards, ‘Tarot, I’m using¬†the Celtic Cross spread as it’s read in the book I’m currently using…” so that the cards can assemble themselves as they should.

I also am of the belief that the Tarot will still give you the cards however they’re supposed to in order to give you the message you’re supposed to receive.

I hope that’s helpful for people! If you are in the Tri-State area, I will be teaching a class on the Celtic Cross at Soul Journey in Butler, NJ on Thursday, May 25th. Please email me if you’d like to be kept posted on details!¬†

And Blessed Bealtaine!!!


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