Easter Tidings: March to Fight the Wicked ’til the Wicked take to Flight

Happy Easter, everyone! Yes, this Witch loves Easter. I don’t buy into the whole idea that the Christian Easter was direct thievery of Pagan Traditions. Like Christmas and Winter Solstice, most major religions have celebrations that honor light at the Winter Solstice and new life in the Spring. Judaism has Hanukkah and Passover, Christians have Christmas and Easter, Witches have Yule and Ostara. I’ll celebrate all that will have me and I love Easter because I love to dye Easter Eggs in the Ukranian style that my Nana taught me, and I love giant brunches with the family. This year, I get to attend with my parents and little niece–I’m super-stoked to drown in smoked salmon and ham and watch her flee from the scary Easter Bunny. Check out this crazy-ass cake I made for my BFF’s Easter-Egg-Hunt BBQ last weekend:

If you heard me on Raise the Horns Podcast earlier this week, this was the cake for which I could not find Peeps and nearly burned the store down.

I told my BFFs little girl that the cake was made of Easter Eggs, hence the colors. She looked at me confused because it really made sense, but coming from me, it was probably BS. Smart kid.

Lessons from Bean the Bunny
Growing up, every time my sister and I visited our Gran’s house, we watched The Tale of the Bunny Picnic which is a highly under-appreciated Jim Henson film. We still quote Bean although we are well into our 30s. I was thinking about Bean the Bunny this weekend, perhaps under the influence of Easter-mania and remembered the final song. I pulled it up on YouTube and promptly started crying–not for nostalgia, but because this little song has some very deep meaning for things I, as an activist, am working on, now. (Naturally, the final line about the “Drum of Right” makes my lefty self squirm a bit, but I also know these bunnies are not singing about political affiliations but about justice).

Context: The whole movie is about a big, mangy dog who keeps trying to kidnap bunnies to put in the farmer’s stew. The bunnies fight back against the oppressive dog and then they realize the dog has an oppressor of his own–the big, mean farmer who promises to starve and hurt the dog if he doesn’t bring him bunnies for stewing. The bunnies band together against the farmer because, as it turns out, there is great strength in numbers and ultimately, they chase the farmer away.


When you stand all alone and you feel the weight of zero in your bones.
When the wrong just goes on and the fight is like a night without a dawn
There’s a voice that you will hear. It will tell you what is right in spite of fear.
And the voice is a drum, it will lead you to your courage; it will tell your friends to come.

We are marching to the drum of time. It tells us where to go.
We are marching, we are singing for an end to hate and woe.
We will march against the mighty. We will march against the strong
We will march to free our brother who has suffered wrong.

Drum of right, lead the fight; Drum of time, we shall climb
We will march to fight the wicked til the wicked take to flight.
For we serve the Drum of Right.
Drum drum drum

Also note, the RESIST paws in the air. This probably inspired me to be a marcher and activist. I do hope it provided some inspiration. At the very least, I hope it brought some joy.


  • Tamrha says:

    I love this, and YOU so much! And I’m also wondering how I never even heard of this movie!

    • panpanbrid says:

      It is THE BEST! It’s hard to find on DVD, but you may be able to find the whole thing on YouTube. It’s only about 45 min long.

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