Not a happy post today. #sorrynotsorry

This post will not be funny. Or happy. 

I had a wonderful time at FaerieCon. I came home happily exhausted, then rocket-propelled myself into Tuesday night’s election. It’s probably no surprise to any of my readers that I was absolutely devastated on Wednesday morning…sharing the news of Trump’s election with my husband through my tears, not my words.

I also know that people don’t come to this blog for my political stance (although that hasn’t stopped me in the past). I’m saving much of these thoughts for something new I’m launching on January 20th and will continue to keep this space as a mostly politic-free zone. But I can’t write about anything else until I get some of this off my chest.

First of all, serious aspects about this election were not only about politics, but about human rights.

Just this morning, my dear friend, colleague, and office-mate posted screenshots of the bigoted things other Twitter users spewed at her for her undocumented status. “Go home,” most of them said. Guess what? She’s been here since she was a very little girl. The United States is the home she knows. She’s an invaluable part of our working team. It would be bad for this country if she were deported. More than that, it’s just not right. It is so very wrong. 

I’m seeing photos posted by mothers of children who came home from school with bruises and gashes. Starting Wednesday, people felt validated to assault these children because of the color of their skin. There’s a link further down on the blog that tells the story.

I hear stories of Muslim women afraid to wear headscarves. I hear stories of women attacked because they chose to do so, anyway. Friends of mine are getting called the n-word as they walk in their own neighborhoods. I am scared for them. And the most heartbreaking part is that this racist violence is not new. I had the privilege of not seeing it. But Trump’s election has dragged it out into the the glaring, unforgiving daylight.

I’m sure there are Trump supporters who read this blog. I know that not every Trump voter cast their ballot out of bigotry. I know many of them cast them out of love–they love their families and believed Trump would provide a better country for them. I’ve spent more time in Eastern Ohio and Western PA than many people in Blue States have. I’ve seen the boarded up towns. I’ve seen a packed bar in a Western PA ghost town on a Monday afternoon–the economy so dead that people spend their weekdays drinking, watching television, and waiting for change to come to them. As an avid anti-fracker, I got it. I understood why people in this part of the country would let companies frack their land. I don’t agree with voting for Trump. I don’t believe he will truly help these parts of the country. I believe he will help himself and the wealthy. But I understand why many rust belt residents cast their votes for him.

Reproductive health.


What’s going to happen to these things?

White people–especially if you voted for Trump–see this post. I am not calling on my readers of color to look at the link because it’s terrifying. I do call upon those who are not targets of this violence (aka white people) to be witnesses to it. If you didn’t vote for Trump, don’t brush it off as being “not your fault.” Just as with climate change, it doesn’t matter who incited the racism and violence. It’s all of our responsibility to clean it up. And if you did vote for Trump….for Gods’ sake, start speaking up and out against what is happening in our country. This is not a great America. 

To get into Tarot speak, right now our country is being challenged with its own Devil card. We are seeing the ugliness we’ve long tried to ignore, and desperately tried to sweep under the rug.

The blessing of the Devil card is being able to know it, own it, and exorcise it.

So mote that shit.

Photo courtesy of the Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore.

Photo courtesy of the Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore.


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