Antidote for a Bad Tarot Reading



This was my reading this morning.

I didn’t have a specific question in mind. I just pulled three cards from my own Tarot of the Boroughs and got three of my least favorite cards: The Devil, the 2 of Swords, and the King of Swords–all in reverse. These cards can mean a challenge, a blindspot, and a block, respectively. I sure hope this doesn’t portend things to come, today. I have a party tonight! Things need to be great!

But they’re in reverse…does that mean that none of these things will bother me? Or does that mean that they’re all covert and going to sneak out and scream BOO! when I’m feeling calm and centered?

This is when we can bring in a clarifying card! 

Dear Tarot: This morning’s reading was weird. Can you give me a clarifying card to tell me why you’ve given me such a shit hand?

Tarot: Sure! Here you go!

Good god.

                                                             Good god.

The Hanged Man–hold ups and delays. Given the first cards being reversed, it looks like it’s something that can’t be expected.

So, now my reading looks like this:


                    If you’re not familiar, this reading is a crappy one.

When getting a crappy reading, it’s important not to curl up and lose it. This is where the Tarot can be helpful.

How can I best cope with the shit implied by this crap-ass reading?


In the 3 of Cups, two people are sharing a comforting meal and quality time together. While, yes, french fries do solve lots of things….this is a message for me suggests finding peace among the people I love.

This manifested for me this morning when I woke up, looked at our messy home, thought about how much we have to do before Thanksgiving and how today is the one full day we can do it, and how I have another book launch tonight…and started my Saturday morning stressed. What childless person who doesn’t work on Saturdays starts their Saturday morning stressed??? Me. Apparently. Thank you, Tarot. Thank you Weird Brain Of Mine. 

Instead of digging right into the day’s crazy, I turned to my husband (who had just woken up) and said, “We have too much to do today. When you’re more awake, let’s talk about it and figure out what we don’t actually have to do.”

Remember this line!  How can I best cope with the shit implied by this crap-ass reading? 

One additional card to answer this question will be helpful Don’t draw too many cards as it will muddle the answer. Drawing one additional card (two if you’re really worked up about your reading) may be all that you need.

If you’re in NYC, I’m leading a free workshop on Reading Your Own Tarot at Aum Shanti Bookstore tonight at 7:00 p.m. EST! 


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