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MWS6E4This week was rough. There were beautiful moments, such as teaching at the MoMA Teens program, but it was a week of true loss that would be best described in a different post. (Probably tomorrow. 🙂 )

But another beautiful thing was being interviewed by Devin Hunter for the Modern Witch Podcast. 

The interview includes a recording of a pathworking which will be included in my new book (!!!) as well as information about the People’s Climate March here in NYC on Sept. 21. I’m helping organize a group of Pagans to march alongside other faiths telling world leaders to focus on a treaty addressing the climate crisis. If you would like to come to NYC and join us this fall, please follow our other blog!

And you can listen to the podcast, here! If you’re unable to play this on your device, you can download it from this link.


  • Blue says:

    What an amazing introduction!!! I was like, “I know her! I know her!” I love how you represented the Brooklyn culture of the renaissance. It’s almost like a pat on the back when you commend the “smart witches” on their thirst for history and science in paganism so publicly. I like to say the fundamentals first and then the fun. It’s probably why he brought it back up in the interview. What a blessing it is to have such a strong community so intertwined. So much to learn from one another and a great opportunity for each person to find their niche. Growing up I wasn’t allowed to visit other congregations or practices and I always thought that was the most ignorant rule my parents had. How can I know what my path is if there’s no way to explore different paths? I value the open communication, and I thank you and everyone else who contributes to that.

    The march in September! I am so charged up! How can I help getting people involved? You’re dreaming of one thousand or more Pagans, why stop there? I’m stoked to walk beside people of all walks and beliefs! Let’s go Christians, Atheists, Buddhists etc! I love how it came together for Sandy, I love that story. No hesitation, this is the time.

    So that meditation. I paused the program there because something told me I needed to follow it. I had a profound experience with this. Two days ago my purse was stolen right in front of me. I was both impressed and pissed, but as time goes on I feel heartbreak for the money spells, my personal talisman, trinkets from witches compass events etc. I was have been trying to figure out how to turn the words on my talisman into an offering. The intention set on the stone was for weight loss, but something told me it had a different purpose (partly because it wasn’t working to that effect and I was meticulous of it’s time of crafting and consecration) The words on the back read, “Wax thou moon that I may wain. What I lose then shalt thou gain.” with the triple goddess on the front of a stone I collected from a beach. I didn’t know how to mote it be exactly, but I prayed on it.
    I feel like my prayer was just answered.
    I’m in tears, thank you for being in my life at just that moment in just that way. I’m so grateful and hope this leads me to the lesson and makes clear the coming sacrifices I need to make to get there.

    “I know her! I know her!”

    • panpanbrid says:

      Thank you, Blue! I’m so happy the pathworking was helpful. 🙂 I hope you like the book, too!

      We’ll help make the PCM huge. YAY FOR CRAFT AND SOLIDARITY!

      • Blue says:

        Just a quick update:
        My purse was just returned to me sans my wallet spells and stones. How crazy is that? A young man found it hanging on the door of the apartment he lives in, my old apartment. He found my ID and business card and called. Hebrought it to me and left about five minutes ago.

        Figgs and I are very excited for the book release!!

  • James says:

    Congrats on the podcast, Courtney! I saw it pop up the other day and should get to listen soon.
    Looking forward to joining you for the March. With much of the larger pagan community questioning wether Environmentalism is even germane to our paths in this age-of-the-internet, it is great to know there are others out there who want to keep up the good fight.
    Blessed Be.

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