“Tarot Spreads” by Barbara Moore. I read it…and so should you!!!

I received Tarot Spreads by Barbara Moore as a surprise in a care package. I instantly recognized myself in one of Barbara’s descriptions: “The Anarchistic Tarot Reader.” It’s true. I will start with a clean reading, normally a 3-card spread. Maybe a good old fashioned Celtic Cross. By the end of the client’s inquiry, the pile of cards looks more like the makings of a Tarot bonfire than a straight and narrow answer. There’s part of my anarchistic approach that makes sense. Getting through our own Fool’s Journey is a messy affair. We tend to swerve-crash-reroute-maneuver-stall-wait-wait-swerve through our missions than gently step through them. My method of just throwing cards on the table until something makes sense was what made sense–until now.

After reading Barbara’s book, I am back on the spread route.

This book is a Tarot reader’s gold mine. There is not a question I have had posed by even my most tenacious clients which could not have been assisted by one of the spreads in Barbara’s book.

Quite a few are refreshing takes on common questions of love or money. Others delve into deeper questions such as the Pantheon of Your Life spread which utilizes Greek Deity archetypes to reflect major passages in the querrent’s life and Through the Shadows which reflects the typical Moon Card in the Tarot, highlighting both blessings and obstacles during a potentially difficult time in the querrent’s life. Some of the toughest questions I receive regard health. I had this question come up with a client last week and I happened to have Tarot Spreads in my bag.  I used a brilliant spread dedicated to the client’s health using twelve cards arranged in a circle, covering everything from mental and emotional health to the health of the ankles and feet. It was the most on point health reading I can recall given.

One spread I am particularly excited about is the Maslow’s Hierarchy Spread. Laid out like the famed Maslow pyramid, selected cards represent the querrent’s physiological, safety, belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization states. As a fan of the Maslow Hierarchy, I anticipate using this one frequently, particularly for querrents who feel that something is just kind of “off,” or who may not have a specific question in mind. I also deeply appreciated the Will they come back? reading which Barbara developed for individuals who are suffering from the ending of a relationship. She highlights a common situation wherein a querrent comes for a reading, completely heartbroken, who are ultimately looking for the Tarot to tell them that the person is bound to return. Barbara developed not only a reading for this question, but a method for the reader to gently nudge the querrent into drawing an honest conclusion on their own. Again, I see myself using this one again and again for those special clients….

Barbara’s theory about the need for Tarot spreads is one that is true. Yes–it *does* come down to the reader and/or the querrent’s interpretation. No, a spread is not a law book. It can be changed and augmented to suit the question or the reader. However, it can be helpful to have a series of tools in your Tarot-belt to pull out when these things are necessary. The book includes over seventy unique, insightful, and practical reading spreads.

One of the great things about Tarot is the space it creates away from The Insanity for a moment of quiet. I myself can be a little too addicted to the “clarifying card” and start pulling card after card to clarify…clarify…clarify…until I’ve just confused myself into a tiny ball under my altar. After reading Tarot Spreads, I see the benefits of a defined spread. Maybe in the world of chaos and overflow of information, a break from that might be in an organized spread.

You can purchase Tarot Spreads at Barbara’s website.  Be sure to check out her latest deck, The Steampunk Tarot, which I affectionately call The Queen of the 2012 Reader’s Studio Prom.

To book your own reading with me in person or via phone, Skype, or email–perhaps using one of these fabuloso spreads–contact me!

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