Heebie-Jeebies…Hooky Spookies…and getting rid of ’em…..

It was my second year of college.

On campus, there was some sort of festival going on and people were handing out flyers. I was too for a show I was doing, when I came across a couple of young people also handing out flyers. Their flyers promised free pizza and a movie. I had just moved out of my parents’ place (commuter school…) and was paying for my own food for the first time, so a flyer for free pizza seemed like a very good flyer to have. I took a flyer from one of the pair, a young woman, and gave her a flyer for my show in return. I doubted she’d come to my show, but I planned to show up for the free pizza. I asked her what her event was about.

“It’s just a group of friends who get together for movies and pizza a couple times a month,” she said, and then quickly added, “sometimeswegotothesamechurchtoo.”

She called the next day and asked if I wanted to get lunch.

I was at my parents house when she called, just hanging out with the dog. I agreed to have lunch with her, even though that hadn’t been on the flyer and wasn’t free. I had lots of friends, so I wasn’t lonely. But I was hungry a lot and having a friend with regular access to free pizza was probably a decision making factor. (I was also highly attracted to drama back then….theatre student thing or something….)  When I hung up the phone, the dog looked over at me and started growling. I hadn’t been making all kinds of noise, and he’d been his normally friendly, chill self just minutes before. You know….as I’m typing this story, I really must have been hungry if I still agreed to meet with the crazy lady anyway–even if she said she and her friends gotothesamechurch for fun and my parents’ Westie was not having it.  If you can’t trust a Westie’s instinct, you should just give up and move to Mars.


I met with her. It was surprisingly unweird and uneventful. But the weird and eventful stuff came immediately after our lunch.  I just didn’t feel right. For days afterward, I could not get enough sleep. Worse, I had the nastiest mentality I think I’ve ever had. I had piercingly negative thoughts about everyone who passed me on the street, rode next to me on the bus, sat next to me in class, or had the nerve to say hi to me in the halls. Strangers or friends–my mind and attitude was a toxic dump and my energy levels were sinking.

A couple of days later, I caught myself thinking outright hateful thoughts toward a stranger on the train who hadn’t caused me any problems whatsoever. It was so unnecessary and so unlike me that I knew something was wrong. I also still felt very tired. It felt like something was *on* me and it needed to go away. I was still a devout Catholic at the time and with a series of hard prayers and a spritz of Holy Water, I felt whatever “thing” had suctioned onto my mind and energy field disconnect. Then, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I felt better. I saw the girl once more on campus when she was out flyering for free pizza, but I veered as far away from her as I could. Something on that woman had latched onto me, and I wasn’t about to let it come back.

I’m older, I’ve met lots of even crazier people on my path, and I’ve been practicing Witchcraft formally for quite awhile now. I can see those things before they come up and get rid of them a hell of a lot faster than I did back then. I’ve also gone through periods of paranoia, or feeding my own frustrations or anger toward another person that those things have physically manifested and come back to me like a nasty boomerang. Not every nasty moment, bad day, or series of unfortunate events is the fault of an enemy out there snickering while shaking your hair in a jar. Not every weird person is going to leave “something weird” in your energy field. Sometimes, we are our own worst energetic enemies. But sometimes, it comes from elsewhere.

Learning psychic self-defense is one of the necessary tricks of the trade for anyone interested in working with energy. Frankly, I think it should be taught in public schools instead of Creationism. If you work with others, talk to others, interact with others (even if only on the major holidays…), then it is important to know how to shield, deflect, or protect yourself from periodic interference. It is also important to know when these things are all in your head and how they can be let go before you hurt yourself.

This is why…..I’m teaching a class on this on Friday, May 18th, at 7 p.m. in Simple Studios on West 29th Street, NYC. We do have limited enrollment, so please register ahead of time!

I hope everyone is still riding high on the Beltaine tides!!!


  • I’ve dealt with these types of people too – and for me, I usually feel drained by them. I’m unable to function after contact with them. I call them “black holes”. I’ve learned that the best thing for me is to avoid them.

  • Teresa says:

    Oh, boy! Do I ever know this feeling! Not only do I feel the energy shifts when I make direct contact with people, I feel their residual energy in places (or maybe that’s earth disturbances). I’m developing my skills in protecting myself better, in building up my own energy so it is robust and coated in teflon, so to speak, but mostly I just work on being aware enough to notice them before I get too much on me, then avoid them like Theresa does. This highly sensitive thing isn’t just about sounds and smells, it’s all about energy, too!

    Hugs and butterflies,

  • I’m an intuitive and an empath, so I’ve experienced more than my fair share of this. My Reiki practice helps me counterbalance the things I may pick up from people I engage with in every day life, and I know a few other cleansing/shielding techniques. Most psychic attacks are unintentional, but I have been on the receiving end of at least one very intentional one and it wasn’t pleasant. When I was younger, I didn’t trust my intuition the way I do now and I think that made things much harder for me.

  • Lisa says:

    I really related to your post since I’m an energy empath. It wasn’t until my late 20s that I learned how to manage my energies. Even shielding and setting intentions at times doesn’t always work for me in certain cases. Dense energies luckily can be cleared. It’s so cool that you are teaching about this stuff. It’s so needed. Rock on 🙂

  • I am so impressed that while still a devout Catholic you knew enough to not only realize the entity, but to remove it! Kudos. And this is a beautiful example that we all Know, without needing to be taught, we can all Remember our greatness if we tune into that part of us that whispers.

  • Fantastic post as usual, Courtney. This really spurred me to sign up for your class (not that I wasn’t going to!). And what a great class it was. I love stories like this… and you coming to the realization that you weren’t crazy! 😉

  • Would all the empaths/sensitives/intuitives please raise their hands?! Yes.. totally get this.. Laughing at the “if you can’t trust a Westie”.. but we already know so much when we’ve been slimed or something has glommed on, we can feel it. I love that you’re teaching about this.. so useful. if I was in NYC I’d be there in two seconds..
    Love to you,
    Simple Sacred Solutions For Living Beautifully In Your Body

  • Amy Zellmer says:

    OMG I am so sensitive to energy…. it took me a LOT of years to learn how to protect myself from other people’s energies. Even now, I find myself struggling at times. It is super powerful to be able to understand how energy affects you and to be able to ward it off!!! Great story!~!

  • Inga Deksne says:

    That was a very interesting read. I too am sensitive to other people’s energy and very often I can be affected if somebody is feeling tense or unhappy, sometimes just by listening to strangers’ heated arguments on the train can make me feel unwell, I’m slowly learning how to protect myself. Thanks for your story.

  • Bri Saussy says:

    As a reader I experience clients who sometimes carry negativity around them and knowingly or unknowingly want to hand it to someone convenient (often me)! I have tricks that allow me to quickly cleanse, ground, center, and re-set in between my intuitive sessions. But because i am also a ritualist it becomes much more essential to cleanse and protect myself deeply-psychic self defense is absolutely necessary for those of us that are actively doing magical work, but it can be just as useful for someone who has some nastiness on them and doesn’t know where it came from.

  • I love your story. Still I am amazed with your gifts, same with the other empaths around. I’m sure everyone learned a lot from your class. More power to you. xoxo

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