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December 13, 2013

Hi all! Holidays, family, travel, my first book’s deadline…I’m taking a few weeks off! I am currently booking appointments beginning January 15, 2014. If you book your New Year’s appointment now…a spectacular discount is included! You must book by January 1 to receive the discount.

30 minute reading: $30 (normally $45)

45 minute reading: $45 (normally $60)

60 minute reading: $60 (normally $80)

Want to take advantage of my crazy-town offer? Drop me a line and we’ll get you set up!

Feeling like making this this an incredible stocking-stuffer for someone who’s been terribly nice (or delightfully naughty)? Email me and we’ll get you a gift certificate!

Are you at a crossroads?

Need perspective on a tough situation?

Want a glimpse at what may be coming around the bend?

Does clarity on love, career, or other personal matters sound enticing?

Come see me for a reading!

My Tarot readings combine psychology with spirituality and intuition with logic–held in person, via Skype or phone, or single questions over email. Your reading will take a strong look at where your path is heading, investigate aiding or detracting influences, and explore tools for you to fully embrace and execute your life’s direction. Your reading will be personally tailored to you and can be recorded and emailed to you at the end of your appointment upon request!

I read in-person out of my private office in uptown Manhattan, or out of a Union Square studio. Please note that the Union Square studio is subject to availability and requires a 60 minute appointment. Skype or phone readings are a great option if you are not in NYC or if your schedule does not permit travel to these locations. Email readings are perfect for the nagging questions that just won’t leave you alone.

To Book a Reading….

Please see below for a menu of types of readings available. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email me at this link and we’ll figure out something that suits you!

Individual readings are available Tuesday-Thursdays, 7:30-10:30 p.m. and Saturdays 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., USA Eastern time. Friday and Saturday evenings and Sundays can be made available for group readings or parties, only.

To make an appointment, please purchase the type of reading you would like, including in the “Notes to Seller” your preference for in-person, Skype, or phone reading as well as your preferred date and time. I will contact you via email to confirm. If you are purchasing an email reading, please include your question in “Notes to Seller.”

Did you purchase a Yelp deal? Click here to redeem! Please note: First-time clients only.

The Basic

Love, money, family, a couple of specific questions, or if you simply want to give Tarot a try, The Basic reading is for you!  I will select a deck that fits with your vibe and lay out the cards in a simple, clear format that directly answers all questions you have that day. If you don’t have a specific question, The Basic will take a look at several different areas of your life and highlight blessings, challenges, and give you a sneak preview of what is likely to occur if you keep on your current pattern! These readings can take place in person, by phone, or via Skype. A recording of the reading is available for no extra charge.

30 Minute Basic Reading    $45.00

Best choice for one-two questions or areas of concernPlease be sure to include your preferred method (in-person, phone, or Skype) as well as preferred date/time in the “Notes to Seller” section. 


60 Minute Basic Reading $80
Best choice for more than two questions or areas of concern. Please be sure to include your preferred method (in-person, phone, or Skype) as well as preferred date/time in the “Notes to Seller” section.


Just One Question…

These readings are suited for those times when you have just one pressing question such as, “What is my best course of action to take at my job?”  “When went wrong in my relationship?” “I’m thinking of moving…is now the best time?” These readings are completed by email within 48 hours and include a jpeg of the cards pulled.  Upon purchase, please include your question in “Notes to Seller” $20.00


Actually, I Have Two Questions: $35.00
Upon purchase, please include your questions in “Notes to Seller” 

The Love Reading
This 45 minute reading will focus solely on your questions about your love life. Be it your current relationship, your relationship prospects, healing from a hurt, or hope for a new flame, this reading–using decks used especially for matters of the heart–will explore your questions, concerns, fears and dreams regarding love. Please be sure to include your preferred method (in-person, phone, or Skype) as well as preferred date/time in the “Notes to Seller” section.  $60

Cash and Career Reading
A 45 minute reading dedicated to your biggest career questions. What is aiding you? What is holding you back? Where are your strengths? How can you enhance a prosperous existence or get out of a career rut? As a working woman myself, I am well versed in all sorts of readings directly focused on career and money.Please be sure to include your preferred method (in-person, phone, or Skype) as well as preferred date/time in the “Notes to Seller” section.  $60


Crossroads Check

This reading is best for times of major decisions or major ruts. The 45 minute session will give you an opportunity to reflect on all opportunities and options, and weigh what is truly important in making your choice. The cards will focus on separating illusions from reality and help you move forward in confidence. $60 

Having a party??? Have me there!!!
Tarot readers are a hit at parties!!! Corporate events, holidays, birthday parties, bachelorette blow-outs, wedding showers…and more! Email me here for rates and availability!


Notes regarding readings:
Tarot readings are not a substitute for medical, psychiatric, or legal expertise. If I feel your issue is better suited to an aforementioned professional, I will encourage you to seek that avenue and will refund your purchase in full. I will do my best to accommodate your scheduling/reading location request, but cannot guarantee your first choice. Cancellation policy:  Canceled appointments more than 24 hours in advance will be credited toward a future appointment. No refunds will be issued for same-day cancellations or no-shows.

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